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Mount Kisco Consulting is 100% focused on helping your organization better understand your IT Risk and Controls landscape.

The need for qualified, experienced support in the areas of IT Risk and Internal Controls is growing, and growing fast. Mount Kisco Consulting was created with one objective in mind: help organizations (no matter their size, industry or complexity) unravel and better understand their IT compliance obligations and opportunities, while increasing efficiency and reducing cost. We believe in the value we can provide to your organization because we have years of experience delivering that same value to clients around the world. We look forward to partnering with you on your compliance journey.


David W. Hall

Managing Principal

David is Managing Principal and founding member of Mount Kisco Consulting. David spent over a decade with two "Big 4" Public Accounting firms before branching out to focus on more specialized advisory services. He holds a Master's degree in Accounting as well as professional certifications in the areas of risk, audit and privacy.

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